Stem at Home Videos

Stem at home videos: Here, you can find short videos showing easy ways to do simple STEM activities that  parents can do with their kids at home.

In this STEM at HOME video, the concepts of different types of surfaces (e.g. rough, smooth), frictional force and concept of slope were covered .For this purpose , the kid was provided with a problem of designing a slide with different surface, slope and height. While designing of the slide, random materials could be found home are used (e.g. empty plastic cup, fabric, tape, cardboard, some toys)

This video shows an easy way to reveal children’s pre- concepts in science. You can use it by producing some illustrations, and let them be the key to a talk with children about, what they already know, and to reveal knowledge about at what level, they can combined the concepts. You can also produce a set of illustrations, that the children can bring home to their parents, and in this way, it can be a start point for a talk between children and parents about concepts related to science/STEM.

Bringing activities home to the parents:

Here is a suggestion of how to bring an activity from the kindergarten home to the parents. The suggestion is that a video with information of what to do is given either as a link or as a qr code. The information’s are given trough a doll.

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